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Planning a field trip to a honeybee apiary , and need some feedback. There are two options, I will likely book the first option, but may add the second option if there's enough interest in upgrading.

PLEASE NOTE: this is located in Smyrna, SC (HoneyStrong). So for some of you, this would be an hour to hour & a half drive, but we can could have lunch together, and make a little half day adventure out of it.

OPTION 1: $9 per person, about 2 hours. They have an observation hive that they'll show the students, where they can see & learn about the queen, along with the different parts of the hive. The students also get to see the entire honey extracting process, and they'll have different varieties for sampling. Indoors, so suits aren't required.

OPTION 2: $24 per person. Includes everything in option 1, but students will also don rented bee suits, and tour the hives.

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  • Option 1: $9, inside field trip, no suits.

  • Option 2: $24, outside, with rental suits.

I have an email in asking if kids 2 & under are free for the first option, I believe they would be too young for the second option though.

Please only vote if you're seriously thinking you would want to sign-up (dependent on date, of course ), just so I have an accurate picture of what's wanted.

Mar 09, 2022

I’m interested in option 1



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