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Co-ops & Groups

We value co-ops, & would love to help you connect with the community!

This is an opportunity to meet with families who share your educational vision.

Community groups, & clubs, that are not for profit may also use this space, case by case.

Spots for not for profit co-ops, & groups, are provided for free,

Free Promotional Area

Spots for co-ops to gather & connect with families are provided at no cost. Space is limited; registration is required.

Exhibitor Only Break Area

Four hours to talk with homeschool families can be really helpful for your organization, but it can also require energy.  The exhibitor only break area will be available again this year for your use.  Snacks & drinks can be purchased in the cafeteria, or you may bring your own.

Co-op Application - 2024

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Registration Highlights

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Earthganic Farms (nature based learning)

"Our curriculum is focused on developing skills for personal and environmental wellness through mindfulness activities, outdoor immersion, and reviving old-fashioned skills."

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