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Reach the Homeschool Community 

As the homeschool community is booming in the upstate, so is the demand for local resources.  Our purpose is to provide a space where the two can meet.  And, thanks to North Greenville University, this year's expo will only have a $20 vendor fee!  Last year sold out at 1,200 people, and we will try to increase capacity for this year, as well as space out the tables where there was a bottle neck in the middle last year.


If you have a resource or service to offer homeschoolers, this is the place for you!

•    Classes (art/music/foreign language/cooking/etc.)

•    Co-ops

•    Community Groups

•    Clubs

•    Educational Programming

•    Field Trip Venues

•    Curriculum

•    Educational Supplies

•    Sports

•    Tutoring services

•    Associations

•    And more!

Exhibitor Space

$20. Exhibitor space this year is first come, first serve.  You can pick out your favorite spot when you arrive.

Application to be a Exhibitor

Please note, all registrations have to go through an approval process.  Though everyone may apply, we're looking to use our limited space for exhibitors specifically related  to homeschooling & education.  If there's extra space others may be considered.

Sign-ups & Sales

You are allowed to do sign-ups for classes, & other programs, at your table, as well as sell items.  In order to keep prices low for this year, we will not be stuffing tote bags, but you are welcome to distribute materials at your table.

Exhibitor Only Break Area

Four hours to talk with homeschool families can be really helpful for your organization, but it can also require energy.  The exhibitor only break area will be available again this year for your use.  Snacks & drinks can be purchased in the cafeteria, or you may bring your own.

Vendor Application - 2024

Thanks for submitting!

Any questions?

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Registration Highlights

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Earthganic Farms (nature based learning)

"Our curriculum is focused on developing skills for personal and environmental wellness through mindfulness activities, outdoor immersion, and reviving old-fashioned skills."

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