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Membership Form 2024-2025

Community Membership

• Access to frequent small field trips, clubs, & community meet-ups (which means seeing the same people often, for relationship building).

• First access to bigger events

• Communication & discussion areas just for the smaller community group.

• Optional HCU t-shirts

• Printable age level journals for events.

• Printable membership card for homeschool discounts

• Yearbook of the year with homeschool friends (book purchased separately).

• Graduation & Awards Ceremony

• For those who are not new to this group, this is the type of community we had before we got so large that this became cumbersome.

• A $35 cost goes towards operational expenses, & insurance, and is part of registration.  Operational expenses include our payment system so that coordinators don't have to use their personal payment accounts and incur taxes.

• Group size is intentionally limited for relationship building. 

• Facebook is used for discussion, planning, and social meet-ups, so having a profile is highly recommended to keep up.

Membership comes with the expectation that your family is choosing to build community here, and not just taking spots on field trips from people who really want to be part of the relational community.  Since there are so few groups of this type in the Upstate, we ask that you choose one only.  This does NOT mean you can't be part of an academic co-op, or pods, AND our group.  We are referring ONLY to groups that provide a good amount of SOCIAL gatherings and FIELD TRIPS, with a goal for relational development.  Being part of a multiple groups of that nature makes it hard to build relationships in either one, and it takes up multiple spots when other families are needing one.


Our theme this year is: Ocean

That means many of our events, activities, the yearbook, the journals, etc., are part of the ocean theme.  Though we will do plenty that is educational in other areas, this theming is part of the fun in this coming year.

Events Sample

Sample of the events being worked on, this is not all of them.

State Park Hop

Shipwreck Cove Party


Fall Farm Hop

Thompson Family Farms Field Trip

Lake Conestee Field Trip

Archeology Field Trip


Beach Educational Trip

Musgrove Mill Field Trip

Vulcan Quarry Field Trip

Lego Masters Challenge

Art Show

Children's Theater

Snow Tubing

Spring Park Hop

Spelling Bee

TCMU Educational Program

Field Day

Graduation & Awards Ceremony

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2024-2025 Membership



Homeschool Community of the Upstate Membership

Valid for one year

• Access to frequent small field trips & social meet-ups.

• First access to bigger events.

• Communication & discussion areas just for members.

• Optional HCU t-shirts.

• Graduation.

• Age level journals for events.

• Printable membership card for homeschool discounts

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