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How to Form a Learning Pod*

  1. Pick a subject or topic.

  2. Choose a curriculum, book, or other basis for learning.

  3. Consider whether you’ll meet simply for related activities, or studying together.

  4. Decide whether you will meet at a single location, or at varying locations within an area.

  5. Figure out approximately how often you’ll meet.

  6. Find out who’s interested (you’re welcome to post in our group).

  7. Setup a way for the group to communicate (email chain, group page on this site, fb group, etc).

  8. Send us your information if you want the pod to be listed on this site.

  9. Establish a climate in your group based on kindness, & enjoy learning together!​​

*The term “learning pod” is being used here to refer to an informal group environment, different from the co-ops.  Parents are completely responsible for their kids in this environment (including education, health, & safety).

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