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2024 Exhibitor Notifier

The 2023 expo has ended,

but you can sign-up to be among the first to know about next year!

Thanks for submitting!

Reach the Homeschool Community 

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NEW for this year...

Mini Field Trips

This year exhibitors can apply to put on a "mini field trip" during the expo

for families to experience a hands on interaction with what an exhibitor has to offer.

This could be a science experiment, an art project, a demonstration,

musical instruments for the kids to try out, chances to do mini plays, a history exhibit;

it can be as creative as you choose.

Exhibitors who apply & are selected for a mini field trip,

will also receive half off their exhibitor space fee.

Space is available both indoors, & outdoors,

dependent on preference for type of activity.

Exhibitor Space

$65. Prime locations are first come, first serve.  Tables are included this year!

Advertisement in Attendee Tote Bags

You are welcome to add one promotional item to the tote bags attendees will be receiving.

Item must be provided in advance, deadline will be sent out.

Exhibitor Only Break Area

Four hours to talk with homeschool families can be really helpful for your organization, but it can also require energy.  This year, we have an exhibitor only break area with snacks & drinks!

Mini Field Trips

Exhibitors approved to offer a mini field trip only pay $30 for their exhibitor space.

Sign-ups & Sales

You are allowed to do sign-ups for classes, & other programs, at your table, as well as sell items.

Application to be a Exhibitor

Please note, all registrations have to go through an approval process.  Though everyone may apply, we're looking to use our limited space for exhibitors specifically related  to homeschooling & education.  If there's extra space others may be considered.

As the homeschool community is booming in the upstate, so is the demand for local resources.  Our purpose is to provide a space where the two can meet.  Last year we hit the venue maximum capacity of 1,000 people.  This year we have a bigger location, & more time.

If you have a resource or service to offer homeschoolers, this is the place for you!

•    Classes (art/music/foreign language/cooking/etc.)

•    Co-ops

•    Community Groups

•    Clubs

•    Educational Programming

•    Field Trip Venues

•    Curriculum

•    Educational Supplies

•    Sports

•    Tutoring services

•    Associations

•    And more!

Please keep in mind, map is not exact, but represents the general location of spots to choose from.  

Spots will be crossed out as they're claimed.

Map of Available Spots

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Any questions?

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Registration Highlights

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South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools

Learn more about homeschooling under the 2nd option in South Carolina.  “SCAIHS provides educational counseling, support and encouragement to parents as they shepherd their children in education.”

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