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Family Tickets

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All the best resources for homeschooling in the upstate in one place, on one night.

Gather resources for your homeschool, while your children explore 3 floors of fun.

Get answers.

Find your tribe!


Coops, associations, sports, community groups, field trips, arts, and more all in one fun place for the whole family.


Whether you are new to homeschooling, new to the area, or just looking for new ways to enrich your homeschool life, this event is for you!

Highly Discounted Admission

Visit the Children's museum for half the cost of a normal day, in an exclusive after hours event!

$6 per person. 2 & under are free.

Visit with the family, or visit on your own without the kids,

you have options!


Meet with associations to help you select the one that's best for your family, & ask those pressing homeschool questions.


Discover classes in areas like art, music, sports, foreign language, etc.

Homeschool Q&A

Ask your pressing questions in an

in-person q&a session.

Make Connections

Homeschool exclusive.  Imagine a fun, family night solely for homeschoolers & homeschooling resources. 


Talk one on one with the organizations on your list, and discover new resources.


Get to know the educational visions, & format, of local co-ops, through meeting with staff.


Explore, & meet representatives, from resources like community groups, clubs, educational programming, field trip venues, curriculum, educational supplies, tutoring services, and more!

Large Family Friendly

If you have a family over 6 people, additional children are free (up to 4)!  

Expo Tote Bag

with information from local resources.

1 per family.  Only guaranteed available for registrations made by June 21, 2022.

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Family Tickets

Expo tote bags, are only guaranteed for registrations made by June 21, 2022.

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Registration Highlights

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My Father's World (sponsor)

"Christian Homeschool Curriculum - Pre-K to 12th Grade Teaching is easy with pre-planned lessons | Learning is fun with thematic hands-on projects | Includes all subjects; with a Christian view throughout! Free Homeschool Consultation @ 573-202-2000."