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Yearbook Information


Below you'll find information on how to submit your children's picture for this year's yearbook, & how to order.  This year the team is using a yearbook company, so you'll upload pictures directly through that company, & order on their website.


If you're still in need a portraits, 

& would like professional images taken,

we have a list of photographers here that offer us a discount:
'22-'23 School & Family Portraits


The HCU Yearbook Team is excited to announce that we are using TreeRing as our yearbook supplier. This decision places some of the yearbook creation into the hands of each family. This page is a one stop shop for all yearbook related information, so please read this document in its entirety. We look forward to putting together a wonderful keepsake and cannot wait to share the final product with everyone.
-HCU Yearbook Team

Using TreeRing

TreeRing Account/Portraits
TreeRing allows each family to create an account where you can directly load your child‘s portraits and name. The portrait that you load and name you enter will automatically load into the yearbook.

Creating your account:
Please email the yearbook account to request a TreeRing account.

You do not need to provide any specific information as long as the name associated with your email is the name you wish to register under.
Please see the final page of this document for portrait examples.

Custom Pages
Each family will have the option to create a custom page in their yearbook with photos of their family/child. The custom page is your own creation that will only appear in the yearbook you order.

Pages will not be accepted after May 23, 2023.

Additional Photos
Photos of field trips, educational events, and social events can be loaded directly to TreeRing for use by the editors. Please know that while everyone is welcome and encouraged to load photos from all events, editors will make final selections as to quantities of photos used.
Please include a caption with all submitted photos to help the yearbook team

sort submissions into the appropriate categories.



Each family will order and pay for their yearbook directly through the TreeRing website. Any ordering related issues should be addressed directly with TreeRing using your established TreeRing account.  Yearbooks will be shipped to a single location and will be distributed at a signing party held at a date to be determined.

If you are unable to attend the signing party, alternative distribution plans will be made.

Hard Cover v. Soft Cover

Each family will have the option to order either a soft or hard cover version of the yearbook. Prices will change depending on the option selected. The price of the soft cover is approximately $19.68 and the hardcover option is $27.32, these prices include the custom page but do not reflect taxes.

If our current timeline remains unchanged, the estimated delivery date is July 6, 2023.

Book Donations
There is an option to donate books to a families that cannot afford to purchase a yearbook. Prior to purchasing a book for donation, please contact the HCU yearbook team

by emailing HCUyearbook@gmail, -subject: Donation Confirmation - to verify donation(s) are still needed.

To request placement on the donation list, please email with subject - Donation Request- You do not need to provide any additional information and your identity will remain anonymous, with the exception of the main yearbook editor, Michell Ripple,  who will manage donations.   
If a donation request is paired with a donator, both parties will receive an email confirmation after the donation is completed through TreeRing. Again, the donation recipient will remain anonymous.  

Contacting HCU Yearbook Team
The HCU Yearbook team is composed of four volunteers who wear many hats within the homeschool community and in our own personal worlds. All questions regarding the yearbook must to be addressed through email using the team email
The yearbook email will be checked regularly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The email may be checked on additional days as time permits.
Due to time constraints of the HCU Team, questions left in the comments of Facebook posts will NOT be individually addressed. Additionally, the team will not regularly monitor Facebook activity in regards to the yearbook, with the exception of posts specifically requesting responses through social media.


Student Portraits
Please make sure that individual student photos (the photo you are using to commentate your child‘s school year) are up close, portrait style photos or photos that primarily showcase  the child. 
Goal: Photo clearly shows child.
Avoid: Photos where child is not the main focus.




Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 3.15.23 PM.png

*The HCU Yearbook team reserves the right to modify/correct this document as needed. Any revisions will be noted at the end of the document.*

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