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2022 Upstate Homeschool Expo

Vendor Policies


Vendor spaces are for one vendor only. Vendors may not share space.

All vendors must be invited by the Upstate Homeschool Expo organizers.

No food, drink, or scent diffusing at vendor spaces.

All materials and displays should be family friendly, and apolitical: determining if a piece of the display, or item, fits those requirements will be left to the discretion of Upstate Homeschool Expo organizers, and any materials deemed in violation must be removed immediately upon request of organizers.

No signs may be hung on museum property (walls, railings, etc), only from vendor tables, or as free standing signs brought by vendors.

Free standing signs may not be large, and need to fit right beside, or behind, vendor table.  If you're concerned your sign may be too big, please contact organizers to check.


Due to venue rental costs, no refund can be given for cancellations, unless there is another vendor able to take your place (replacement vendor must still apply to be a vendor).

If event organizers have to change the date of the expo, refunds will be made available.

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