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Membership Form 2024-2025

Community Membership

• Access to frequent small field trips & community meet-ups (which means seeing the same people often, for relationship building).

• First access to bigger events

• Guaranteed spots in graduation

• Communication & discussion areas just for the smaller community group.

• Access to clubs

• Optional HCU t-shirts

• Membership card for homeschool discounts

• For those who are not new to this group, this is the type of community we had before we got so large that this became cumbersome.

• Membership comes with the expectation that your family is choosing to build community here, aka not just taking spots on field trips from people who want to be part of the relational community.

• A $30 donation towards operational expenses, & insurance, is part of registration.  Operational expenses include our payment system so that coordinators don't have to use their personal payment accounts and incur taxes.

• Access to small group discussion on Facebook is immediate, so that the smaller group can communicate well again, field trips begin at the start of the school year.

• Group size is intentionally limited. 

 Larger Group

• Still has access to bigger events.

• Access to remaining spots in smaller events that don't fill up.

• Continued access to larger discussion group.

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Smaller Group Membership is FULL for the 23-24 school year.

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