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Celebration Ceremony at Pretty Place

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What was once a graduation ceremony is now becoming a Celebration Ceremony! 

Students who are graduating are still welcome to commemorate their big milestone in their cap and gown! But, we've also had interest from parents who just want to honor their students' special achievements -- so we've decided to open this event up to everyone! You're invited to celebrate events like being accepted into a special program, hard work and dedication, completion of a curriculum or big project, etc. etc. It's completely up to y'all!

- - - 

Our Celebration Ceremony will take place at Fred Symmes Chapel (fondly referred to as "Pretty Place Chapel") on Saturday, May 28.

- - - 

We must cap our guest count at 40 families in order to ensure each family has adequate time to come to the front and say a few words about their student(s), and what they're celebrating. The sign-up fee is $10 per student. Each family can bring up to 5 people (including family members and additional guests.) If you absolutely need more than 5, please message me and I'll do my very best.

SIGN UP: At this time, we have space for 25 additional families. 15 spaces have already been reserved. Unfortunately, we will not be able to add any more once we are full.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: I'm sure no one will want to miss the chance to have photos taken in front of this spectacular backdrop! Once you are signed-up and paid, I'll share the sign up list from our event photographer/group member, Adrienne Ayer of Booking is completely optional. There will be time before and possibly after the ceremony if you'd like to have photos taken by Adrienne. The cost is $40 and time slots are first come, first served.

EVENT PROGRAMS: Programs to commemorate this special day will be provided by group member Shayna Blackwell of Greer Citizen. Once the event date is closer, I will reach out to every family for a special message to be included in this program.


SCHEDULE: Photos will begin at 9:00 (although some time slots may be available earlier) and the ceremony will take place from 9:30am to 11:00 am. 

ATTIRE: Cap and Gown or formal attire

PRICE: $10 per student.

Note: Please email to send payment via Venmo, and for information on number of guests, parking, etc. 

CARPOOL REQUIRED: Please plan to arrive in one car with your family and guests. The venue only has space for 80-100 total cars. 

GUESTS: If you would like to attend as a guest please PM me, Whitney WD. Once the spots close for sign-ups, we'll know how many spaces are still available for family and additional guests.

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